Message from the Hazy rhythm WONDER band Board of Trustees


I hope this message finds you healthy and in the best possible spirits.
The board of trustees for the Hazy rhythm WONDER band has recently met, and concluded thus;
  • Having had time and ability to create recently, it is imperative that the Hazy rhythm WONDER band joins with other artists in helping to balance the universe by contributing to the positive side of the universal equation that we are currently presented with.Therefore, it is my sincere hope that the following video serves to further our pursuit in this endeavor.
  • This video was based on a first grade home school art assignment that I had the pleasure of assisting with. The video did not come out as planned.
  •  The music is a rough excerpt from a song that will be released on an album that is currently being constructed.(please stay tuned for that).
  • May you find pleasure, enjoyment or at least a strange diversion in this.

Finest Days

Brucey Bruce, the Hazy rhythm WONDER band

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